no.i2p upgraded

2018-Aug-27: It's been a while without updates/functional no.i2p - today I'm happy to say it's updated and back in maint. Regards, Meeh.

2018-Aug-27: I've seen a bad trend in registering domains as placeholders, and I'll probably won't accept them. Not to be a douchebag, but it serves two purposes; The first is to help you actually get your whatever done, and ready to be put up. Secondly, it helps keeps the network/name system from a lot of unfinished projects which makes our visitors sad :)


no.i2p registration service is a domain name registration service for I2P. Hostnames in I2P aren't globally unique. no.i2p registration service doesn't act as "central authority", it only provides a way to publish hosts as an easy means of access to them. You can read more about how I2P naming works in the official docs.

To find out how we're registering and publishing hosts, look at FAQ page.

Please read the Terms of Service before registering any domains. Read them here

Addressbook service

To start getting new hostnames from no.i2p registration service, add this subscription link into your router's addressbook. Of course, you should add NO's destination before.

Jump service

no.i2p registration service also provides a jump service. For accessing hosts through it, use urls like http://no.i2p/jump/example.i2p. I2P since 0.8.3 gives possibility to add a custom jump-servers. Go to the i2ptunnel eeproxy configuration page and add http://no.i2p/jump/ to "Jump URL List" section.

Registration service

If you are running an eepsite or another service and want a human-readable domain name for them, consider registering it.